The Promise of a Generation: Building the Foundation of Business and Society for the Next Century

July 1 - 10:35 AM

Mired in the complexity of ever-changing market turns, bombarded by everyday events that rule our attention, and obsessed over our own sense of popularity and importance – we lead a life full of promise and dizzyingly destabilizing at the same time. In this supposedly fast-changing ecosystem that turns from “a unicorn a day” to “winter is coming,” we go from unconditional exuberance to extreme caution in a matter of months. This speed, noise, and growth can both inspire and disorient.

We no doubt live in a place and time of incredible promise and limitless potential. But the magic happens when we slow down time to gain perspective of our moment in history. We should ask the right questions about our opportunity, our responsibility to ourselves and the future, and how we make the best of it to build a sustainable, equitable, and responsible society. There have been pivotal generations that have defined the design and build of nations for centuries. We, as a society and country, are in that moment in history.

In this session, we talk about our opportunity, the importance of our moment in history, our responsibility toward future generations, and the time to come. We talk about the design principles for building the foundations of business and society for the next century and the role of capital in stewarding and protecting this great movement. It is not just about reimagining capitalism; it is about realizing the promise of a generation.