Anup bagchi

Anup Bagchi

Executive Director - ICICI Bank

Democratizing Debt Markets for Retail Investors

June 30 - 2 PM

The Indian debt markets have been stagnant for several years now, characterized by a lack of transparency, efficiency, optionality, and retail participation. This issue is rooted in structural barriers such as poor investor education, high transaction costs, lack of liquidity in debt products, and difficulty accessing the debt market.

Fortunately, today we find ourselves at the start of a technology-led disruption that will transform this $2 trillion market. The timing of this opportunity is also particularly favorable since it aligns with national interests and consumer demand. Regulatory interventions to encourage direct participation by retail and foreign investors provide much-needed support to broaden the base in a market previously limited to only the elite.

Young Indian retail investors are overcoming their anti-debt conditioning in their search for new fixed-income products that offer better risk-adjusted returns. The platformization of Indian debt is a work in progress and will create a robust and accessible market for all.

This keynote will juxtapose the shift in retail mindset with the tailwinds of policy change (retail participation in G-secs, the arrival of fixed income ETFs, etc.) and technology-led innovation to shine a spotlight on the future of our debt markets.