Does DLT Solve for Radical Transparency?

June 30 - 4 PM

Blockchain may have been popularized with the rise of crypto as an asset class, but the underlying distributed ledger technology (DLT) has managed to cross the chasm of the hype cycle over the past decade. It has made inroads into a diverse set of industries such as logistics, energy, media, and financial services. 

The development and advocacy of permissioned blockchains by global technology giants have enabled enterprises to enhance trust, transparency, and accountability in a controlled environment. These traits are non-negotiable in creating trusted systems, and so the growing adoption of DLT by financial institutions across all categories should come as no surprise. 

Although the road to production for enterprise DLT applications has been dramatically simplified, is it yet another false silver bullet? 

Is the radical transparency promised by DLT desirable? What other mechanisms exist to offer greater visibility? 

Will adoption by market regulators unlock the next wave of DLT adoption and disruption? 

These are a few of the questions we'll aim to tackle and resolve through our panel discussion to help you make sense of change.