Embedded Finance: Retooling India for Inclusion

July 1 - 12:25 PM

Embedded Finance has quickly erased the boundaries between a technology company and a financial institution. It has abstracted mountains of complexity surrounding regulation, risk assessment, security, and compliance into powerful APIs that can be quickly integrated to supercharge any platform with financial services.

This retooling exercise has been happening worldwide at different rates for nearly a decade now. It has had a transformative impact on how businesses operate and serve their clients. However, it is particularly relevant in frontier markets such as India, where nearly 190 million people still do not have a bank account despite several public and private interventions.

Embedded finance can be a gamechanger in such markets because it exists as a commerce layer on top of other digital platforms and services offered by e-commerce firms, telcos, payment providers, postal services, etc. It leverages pre-existing distribution to bring personalized, contextual financial solutions to consumers.

How is this trend playing out in India?

What local innovations are emerging?

How can financial institutions and technology companies co-create win-win opportunities?

These are a few of the questions our panel discussion will unpack as they make sense of embedded finance in India.