ESG & Financial Stewardship

July 1 - 4:05 PM

The climate crisis and the recent pandemic have fueled conscious consumerism, created a more robust regulatory environment, and accelerated investor interest in the socio-economic role a business plays. 

These forces have catalyzed the significance of ESG measures during a time when the assets under management (AUM) of Indian ESG-based funds have exponentially grown from ₹2630 crores (2019) ₹12,300 crores (2021) - 4.7 times higher just in the past two years. 

We are operating in an era where the purpose of a business isn't solely about making profits. Today, value is being redefined and ESG, financial stewardship, and responsible leadership form the holy trinity in which companies are expected to go beyond their traditional roles. They are operating in a global economy where profits can no more be divorced from their effect on the planet. 

In this fireside chat, we will explore the best practices that leaders can lean on to navigate the current business environment, as well as the trends they need to be mindful of to stay relevant and to future-proof themselves.