Designing the Fintech Ecosystem

June 30 - 11:20 AM

India is home to the third-largest fintech ecosystem in the world, and as it matures, we must be mindful of how we cultivate it. There are two approaches to designing any ecosystem. The organic method relies on a mix of serendipity, macroeconomic factors, and the right people converging across different value chains. This process takes a long and carries a high risk of failure. The alternative way to build an ecosystem is rooted in mindfulness, where an evolving set of capital, expertise, intellect, talent, and connection is consistently provided. This requires a significant commitment from all stakeholders, but the payoff is enormous.

India first navigated these waters during the outsourcing boom with GCCs in the 90s and 2000s. It then repeated its success with the automotive sector, the telecom industry, the startup ecosystem, and most recently, payments. Fintech has come of age, and it needs the same level of intent and resolve as what the previous generations have displayed for us to maintain our momentum.

In this session, we will unpack ecosystem design with proven community organizers and ecosystem builders so we can meet the explicit and implicit needs of India's economic engine.