Vision for Fintech

July 1 - 5:25 PM

What happens when we look at problems from an atomic lens? Do they simplify or mystify? 

To unlock creative potentials and reverse-engineer complex problems, the approach of first-principles thinking often comes into play. The practice of breaking down issues and our implicit assumptions about how the world works into simpler atomic truths is an ancient one but harder to implement in a world operating with layers of digital abstraction. 

This foundational thinking removes flawed ideas and biases and gives way to independent thoughts and cutting-edge perspectives. The fintech opportunity in India promises innovation at the scale of billions and is ripe for exploring both horizontally and vertically. 

India's fintech industry comprises over 2100 companies, all of whom are experiencing exponential growth as they make the most of their chosen opportunities. However, these institutions must grapple with cybersecurity, product-led growth, user retention, regulations, global competition, and a myriad of other interconnected problems. This complexity demands a reasonable approach to inquiry and scrutiny. And this is precisely where first principles thinking can aid us.