Reimagining Fintech Research for India

June 30 - 11:20 AM

India is going through a fintech revolution, but we mustn't forget that there are many Indias. It isn't just Bharat that is coming online but a multitude of peoples and nations, each with their own contexts, ambitions, and needs. If we want a billion Indians to win this financial race within our lifetime, then we must reimagine how we think of them so we can better serve them. 

The pandemic has accelerated India's financial inclusion efforts, and the fintech industry is estimated to reach ₹8.35 trillion ($110 billion) by 2026. This breakout growth across instruments, classes, and geographies requires significant investment and attention to research, analysis, data segmentation, and industry-level partnerships.

The system of studying the financial journeys of last-mile customers can spark disruptive innovations and improve their lives. In this emerging practice, D91 Labs has quickly emerged as a thought leader by creating an open-source library of publications to share insights on critical information such as user profiles, motivations, adoption rates, and related information.

In this masterclass, we will actively explore the promise of open-source and collaborative research practices in India and examine its strengths and weaknesses. We will then set the baseline for how other companies and communities can co-create and leverage their own knowledge libraries to meet deep-seated consumer needs and unlock long-term growth.