Fractionalization: The Next Driver of Participation

June 30 - 2:20 PM

The combination of remote work, strong internet penetration, improved access to investor education, and the emergence of technology platforms has allowed retail investors in India to experience financial products that are easier, safer, and more diversified than ever before.

Although developed markets have allowed fractional ownership across different asset classes for over a decade now, it is a new and welcome reality for Indian retail investors who have suddenly been granted access to sophisticated asset classes and structured products previously reserved for the elite.

UHNIs and family offices have historically dominated lucrative markets for bonds, corporate loans, and commercial real estate. However, it is now being opened up to 70 million retail investors in India through fractionalization and the removal of the high capital entry costs. The retail investor is now being invited to participate in wealth creation. This is doubly significant since the retail sector is forecasted to grow by 25-30% in the next three years.

In this session, we seek to explore how fractionalization is driving retail participation and inclusion and the impact it will have on sophisticated and emerging asset classes.