Macro to Real: Tamil Nadu's Contribution to the $5 Trillion Goal

July 1 - 10:15 AM

India's roadmap to achieve a $5 trillion economy by 2025 calls for bold, definitive actions by individual states. In this context, Tamil Nadu will play an outsized role in enabling this achievement for India. Its visionary leadership has already set the ambitious goal of growing the GDSP from $300 billion to a trillion before 2030.

Tamil Nadu is the second wealthiest state and has been in the higher index for SDGs and reformative economic policies. Also, being the most industrialized state in the Indian Union, it realizes the need for robust, deep, and liquid financial markets for prospered growth. Tamil Nadu has a 16% share of India's industrial workforce, with services (55%), manufacturing (34%), and agriculture (11%) being the major contributors to its economy.

Amid short-term hurdles like the global growth scare and economic slowdown, what steps will the state government take to stabilize and strengthen the financial market? Which factors will influence decision-making and ensure adequate availability of capital for funding priority projects in the state?

In this session, we will learn about Tamil Nadu's economic action plan as a key contributor to the Indian economic engine.