Building a Product-First Culture

July 1 - 1 PM

In today’s marketplace, exceptional products aren’t exciting anymore. They are an unspoken expectation. And though a delightful consumer experience has always been at the heart of business success, the methodologies for creating it have rapidly changed. Nothing is more desirable than a community with a shared culture in the post-pandemic economy, and new-age businesses are already leveraging this insight.

Although sales and growth remain vitally important for any business, they are no longer owned by a single team or function. Modern companies follow and flourish by adopting a product-first culture, a democratic setup that is rewriting the organizational playbook from the inside out. It supports organic growth, increases efficiencies, and does away with the traditional top-down approach.

This is crucial in today’s instant gratification economy, where the lack of personalized experiences leads to instant abandonment. Successful businesses today aren’t earning customer loyalty. They are building them into the core identity of their products and creating communities instead of audiences.

What kind of product-design changes accelerate product-first culture? Which organizational values align with a product-first culture? What steps are involved in transforming traditional mindsets and organizations into this new ideology?

This masterclass will resolve these questions by relying on expert practitioners who have evidence-based insights into building communities across demographics, industries, and asset classes.