Redesigning India's Financial Experience

June 30 - 11:55 AM

India's financial landscape isn't a monolithic audience. It is populated by tens of thousands of personas with their own individual needs who desire to be served within their specific context. This diversity poses a challenge but also presents a massive opportunity for startups, neobanks, and other new-age financial institutions to redesign India's financial experience from scratch.

There is no shortage of interest and participation, with 2021 witnessing a 48% surge in young individuals alone signing up for services promising fast credit and customer-centricity. Technology-led innovation underpins the entire sector's transformation and expansion which cuts across youth, consumers across all age groups, and small and medium enterprises.

India is in pursuit of its ambitions and dreams, and its need for digital credit is immense. In this session, we will hear from leaders and organizations who are serving India's voracious appetite for credit by reimagining and scaling its experience with finance across all audiences.