The True Meaning of Wealth

June 30 - 5:40 PM

What is wealth? Our conventional definitions may lead us to believe that it is just a materialistic indicator of success or prosperity during our finite time on this planet. 

But what if it’s more than that? 

The way we view wealth, success, and prosperity can fundamentally shift our outlook on life and purpose. 

Is financial success a portal to freedom, the foundation of a generational legacy, or the start of a lifetime of shared prosperity with our communities? Money is an inflationary instrument, and it is in our collective best interest to share, not hoard, so that it can be transformed into other forms of wealth - social, cultural, and creative.

Wealth reaches its true potential when it is used to transform this world into a better version of itself and reaches individuals, communities, organizations, nations, and ecosystems that most need it. 

As the aftermath of the global pandemic continues to echo within our organizations and us, let us reimagine how we can eliminate the gap between profit and purpose so they can co-exist seamlessly. 

This keynote will create a reflective space where we can focus on our value system to rewire our relationship with money and wealth.