Building Fintech Brands & the Importance of Trust

June 30 - 10:50 AM

As more and more startups and challenger brands emerge worldwide to serve customer needs, another battle is occurring - the war of trust. 

It isn't solely about getting the job done and earning transactional trust from users but also securing their long-term loyalty and becoming their new default in a world of abundant choice.

Even in such a hyper-competitive market, the secret to winning trust has remained surprisingly consistent - consistency, value, integrity, and customer obsession. All of these elements form the bedrock of any brand and the promise it makes to its stakeholders. 

So, how your organization lives out its purpose daily determines the impact it has on every individual and institution it touches. After all, earning trust today is still a one-on-one sport played out billions of times.

In this session, we'll learn about the power of brand in today's fintech landscape and juxtapose it with Yubi's recent brand transformation from CredAvenue.